Ryan Hunter | San Francisco

Ryan Hunter directs the San Francisco City Performance Lean Program, working with City agencies to make measurable improvement to basic City functions and empowering employees at all levels to innovate in their work. In four years, the program has trained over 600 staff and run major improvement work with a dozen City departments. You can read more about the program and see results at https://cityperformanceleanprogram.weebly.com/.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement, or what a #2 pencil taught me about innovation

San Francisco LEAN Process

By Ryan Hunter After years of work untangling government bureaucracy, we at the City Performance Lean Program have a secret to share: the most lasting change comes not from a software implementation or a strategic plan, but from engaging employees to improve the nitty-gritty, on-the-ground, day-to-day work. City Performance, a division of the San Francisco […]