The Value of MMANC: An Interview with Principal Management Analyst Molly Rattigan

Molly Rattigan has been working in local government positions for nearly 10 years. Molly earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Sonoma State University and her Masters in Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Sacramento.  Molly currently works for the County of Napa as a Principal Management Analyst. We recently had the […]

Investing in the Future for California’s Central Valley

The next economy of the San Joaquin Valley inched forward this year as the recovery continued its upward trend. There are two factors that will help sustain the economic and social vitality in the Valley; education and transportation. A workforce exists, and will continue to expand as demand for skilled labor increases, encouraging higher paid […]

Made in the Midwest: An Interview with Erin Steffen

Erin Steffen has been working in local government for several years and considers it a natural fit for her passion for helping others as well as her desire to implement positive change in her community. She currently serves as an Administrative Analyst for the City of Dublin. While completing her graduate degree in the Midwest, […]

Hayward Mayor Proposes ‘Work-at-home, Skip-a-shower Day’

Mayor Barbara Halliday said she has been known to forsake a shower, but only if she plans to spend the entire day at home. The idea is just another of many for residents to conserve water during the state’s enduring drought. “Maybe we can start a stay-at-home, work-at-home, skip-a-shower day?” Halliday joked Tuesday night as […]

Pioneering Partnership Brings Fire District and Private Company Together in Bid for Ambulance Contract

ORIGINAL REPORTING In a recent proposal about to be inked, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (ConFire) and private ambulance service provider American Medical Response (AMR) are working to jointly submit a bid for Contra Costa County’s upcoming ambulance service contract.  If the proposal is accepted by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and the […]