City of Redding’s Wildfire Mitigation Strategies

Redding enhances wildfire detection capabilities with advanced fire surveillance cameras Featured Media: Video FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 28, 2022 REDDING, CA – The City of Redding is setting the tone for wildfire detection and mitigation strategies in California with new advanced 24/7 fire surveillance cameras. “With our Wildland Urban Interface that we have here in […]

COVID Case Studies: Community & Business Support Ideas

The silver-lining of the Covid-19 Pandemic is that it has provided government professionals the ability to be nimble and innovative in our approach to delivering services. Beyond the day-to-day programs and services that our communities expect and rely on, a snapshot of our respective responses to our communities’ needs has showcased how in crisis, or […]

Look Both Ways: Mentorship Is a Two-Way Street

During my college years, I spent a lot of time playing racquetball. Now, before I unintentionally create the impression that I was some kind of all-star athlete, let me say that racquetball was a cheap form of entertainment, and the odds of me hitting the ball were significantly improved by being trapped in the room […]

Can Employers Require Employees to Work During Their Breaks? California Supreme Court Decides Landmark Case

California law requires employers in most private businesses to allow employees to take breaks, or rest periods, of at least ten minutes for roughly each four hours of work.  Can an employer require employees during their breaks to keep their pagers and radio phones on, and remain vigilant and responsive to calls when need arises? […]

New Expanded Fair Pay Protections

  California has statutorily prohibited unequal pay on the basis of sex since 1949.  As a previous blog post explained, that law was amended in 2016 to formally change the standard for equal pay claims based on sex.  Instead of requiring equal pay for “equal” work, the statute now requires equal pay for “substantially similar work […]

Being a Great Coach … … and a Winning Player

Coaching is mutually rewarding. Players gain encouragement and guidance for their careers. Coaches gain deeper insights into their own careers and the satisfaction of helping others. You can benefit from coaching at any stage in your career. Indeed, one of the best ways to boost your coaching skills is to have someone coach you. Watch […]

International City County Managers Association International Fellowship Volunteer Opportunity

City of Half Moon Bay logo

The City of Half Moon Bay will be participating in this year’s International City County Managers Association’s (ICMA) Professional Fellows Program – an international exchange program which allows young professionals from Southeast Asia to learn about good governance, economic development, environmental sustainability, and civic engagement through a four-week fellowship. We are hoping to expose our […]

How to Develop a Strong and Productive Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Two people climbing mountain ridge, one assisting another over the top ridge.

A mentor/mentee relationship can be immensely rewarding for both people. But how do you get to know each other, build trust, have productive meetings, and continue to have a beneficial, ongoing connection? Jennifer and Lydia met through MMANC’s Credentialed Government Leader program, where Jennifer was Lydia’s mentor. Together they created tips for mentors/ mentees to […]

Career Compass No. 50: Storytelling–A Powerful Way to Lead and Communicate

June 1, 2016 I’m a traffic engineer in a small midwestern city. I just had a difficult experience presenting a mobility safety plan to my city council. I did a lot of research on best practices to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists along a fairly busy street, while still maintaining reasonable traffic flow. As part […]

Commentary: Empowering the Next Generation of City Managers to Thrive

After decades of managing California cities and direct involvement with the California City Management Foundation, I’m (admittedly) a biased source when it comes to the question, “Is being a city manager worth it?” The “it” meaning an always-rising combination of internal and external pressures to perform and appease several masters simultaneously. The city manager profession […]