Takeaways from the ICMA Conference

Two puppy play dates, four keynote speakers, twenty sessions, and countless takeaways. The ICMA Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, was filled with so much energy, insight, and FUN. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many seasoned city managers and up-and-comers in the profession. The people I met and spent time with were incredible, […]

My week at Govapalooza

Over the last several years, local governments have weathered extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Govapalooza was created to remedy these harsh times as an event where public servants, professionals, and industry partners can come together to invigorate one another through sharing stories, experiences, and lessons learned. As a new member of this community of professionals, I felt […]

Reteaming: 3 Key Conversations to Have With Your Team Right Now

On August 5, MMANC had the pleasure of hosting Claire Laughlin, of MRG Consulting, an engaging coach and trainer with over 20 years of experience bringing positive change to teams and organizations. During this webinar, Claire lined out a step-by-step approach for reconnecting and focusing our teams through a series team meetings. The first step […]

MMANC Webinar: Preparing an Economic Recovery Action Plan – Reopening Your Business Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on California cities from health, social and lifestyle perspectives, as well created a challenging economic climate for businesses and companies of all sizes and city budgets. To prevent the resurgence and further spread of COVID-19, the State, Counties, and some cities have established onerous public health measures and […]

Pandemic Hiring Trends & Valerie’s Top Tips on How to Adapt

Author’s note: I was delighted to interview Valerie Gaeta Phillips as a part of the Municipal Management of Northern California’s ‘Webinar Wednesday’ series in June. Valerie is President of Bob Murray & Associates, a firm that provides executive recruitment services to cities, counties, special districts, nonprofits and other governmental organizations. Valerie and her husband have […]

Manteca city manager navigates transformative path for city

This article was previously published on publicceo.com … Miranda Lutzow has had a whirlwind career at the City of Manteca thus far. Just last year, she was hired as the City’s Administrative Services Director. But when the City faced a series of personnel changes just a few months into her tenure, she found herself thrust […]

The High Cost of Millennial Trash Talk

  Through my work with organizations like MMANC and ICMA, I have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and compare our experiences working for local government. Last month, I was speaking to someone who knew that I work in human resources and she wanted my thoughts on how to handle a particular situation.  We’ll call […]

Marketing Government to Millennials

This post has been syndicated from the Viewoint Cloud blog It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when you start examining the cultural identity of your generation, and how it affects the world around you. As a Millennial, I’ve felt this question most acutely in discussions about the political and professional tendencies of my peers. Recently, these two areas […]

All-Star City Manager Shares Career Advice

This post has been syndicated from the ViewPoint Cloud blog Earlier this month, I sat down with Santa Monica’s City Manager, Rick Cole, to talk about advice for public sector leaders pursuing careers in city management. Few can parallel Cole’s breadth and depth of experience in local government. Before coming to Santa Monica, Cole joined Los Angeles Mayor […]

Being a Great Coach … … and a Winning Player

Coaching is mutually rewarding. Players gain encouragement and guidance for their careers. Coaches gain deeper insights into their own careers and the satisfaction of helping others. You can benefit from coaching at any stage in your career. Indeed, one of the best ways to boost your coaching skills is to have someone coach you. Watch […]