The High Cost of Millennial Trash Talk

  Through my work with organizations like MMANC and ICMA, I have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and compare our experiences working for local government. Last month, I was speaking to someone who knew that I work in human resources and she wanted my thoughts on how to handle a particular situation.  We’ll call […]

2017 is Here! Be Aware of These New Laws and Ordinances

As 2017 kicks off, employers should be aware that a number of new state-wide laws and local ordinances begin taking effect.  In this blog, we highlight just a few that California’s public employers should now be implementing. Seeing Green in Twenty-Seventeen: Minimum Wage Increases for California Employees Regardless of potential changes to Federal wage and […]

New Year, New Minimum Wage

This year has kept many agencies on their toes when it comes to complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This summer, the Ninth Circuit issued its Flores v. City of San Gabriel decision and changed the way many agencies calculate their regular rate of pay.  You can read about Flores here and here. Also in the summer, the federal Department […]