Are You Ready for 2021 Redistricting?

For the hundreds of jurisdictions in California with by-district elections, the 2021 redistricting process is right around the corner. Is your agency ready? Here are three tips to keep in mind as you head into 2021: Start planning now. Redistricting might not be on your radar right now since the deadlines for map adoption are […]

Reteaming: 3 Key Conversations to Have With Your Team Right Now

On August 5, MMANC had the pleasure of hosting Claire Laughlin, of MRG Consulting, an engaging coach and trainer with over 20 years of experience bringing positive change to teams and organizations. During this webinar, Claire lined out a step-by-step approach for reconnecting and focusing our teams through a series team meetings. The first step […]

Pandemic Hiring Trends & Valerie’s Top Tips on How to Adapt

Author’s note: I was delighted to interview Valerie Gaeta Phillips as a part of the Municipal Management of Northern California’s ‘Webinar Wednesday’ series in June. Valerie is President of Bob Murray & Associates, a firm that provides executive recruitment services to cities, counties, special districts, nonprofits and other governmental organizations. Valerie and her husband have […]

Is it time to update your Fees?

By Nicole Kissam and Tim Seufert, NBS Local agencies in California have the ability to charge a wide range of user and regulatory fees. Common examples of these include: • Cities or fire districts have fire prevention programs and charge fees for review of planning entitlement applications for conditions of approval, plan check and inspection […]

Special Taxes: Is 2/3 or 50% voter approval needed?

By Tim Seufert The California Constitution requires that special taxes receive 2/3 voter approval for implementation, and this has been the general understanding for decades. Specifically, Proposition 218 requires that special taxes proposed by a council or board receive 2/3 approval for implementation. More recently, however, a court case, the California Cannabis Coalition v. City […]

The High Cost of Millennial Trash Talk

  Through my work with organizations like MMANC and ICMA, I have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and compare our experiences working for local government. Last month, I was speaking to someone who knew that I work in human resources and she wanted my thoughts on how to handle a particular situation.  We’ll call […]