MMANC Webinar: Preparing an Economic Recovery Action Plan – Reopening Your Business Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on California cities from health, social and lifestyle perspectives, as well created a challenging economic climate for businesses and companies of all sizes and city budgets. To prevent the resurgence and further spread of COVID-19, the State, Counties, and some cities have established onerous public health measures and […]

Pandemic Hiring Trends & Valerie’s Top Tips on How to Adapt

Author’s note: I was delighted to interview Valerie Gaeta Phillips as a part of the Municipal Management of Northern California’s ‘Webinar Wednesday’ series in June. Valerie is President of Bob Murray & Associates, a firm that provides executive recruitment services to cities, counties, special districts, nonprofits and other governmental organizations. Valerie and her husband have […]

Citrus Heights City Council Allocates Emergency Funding to Support Vulnerable Community Members in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a loss of economic, housing, and food security for many residents in the City of Citrus Heights. In response, the Citrus Heights City Council authorized $205,750 in emergency funding to support local nonprofits that provide essential services to Citrus Heights residents. The funding is part of a special allocation […]