What the heck is a CSA?

County Service Areas (CSAs) are a somewhat-unknown yet robust form of California local government. A CSA can fund and provide a wide range of services and facilities, typically but not exclusively in unincorporated areas. The goal is to “promote the public peace, health, safety, and general welfare.” These services often include a mix of the […]

Is it time to update your Fees?

By Nicole Kissam and Tim Seufert, NBS Local agencies in California have the ability to charge a wide range of user and regulatory fees. Common examples of these include: • Cities or fire districts have fire prevention programs and charge fees for review of planning entitlement applications for conditions of approval, plan check and inspection […]

Special Taxes: Is 2/3 or 50% voter approval needed?

By Tim Seufert The California Constitution requires that special taxes receive 2/3 voter approval for implementation, and this has been the general understanding for decades. Specifically, Proposition 218 requires that special taxes proposed by a council or board receive 2/3 approval for implementation. More recently, however, a court case, the California Cannabis Coalition v. City […]