Lydia Rossiter | San Jose, Santa Clara County

Lydia Rossiter is currently a Senior Management Analyst in the Finance Division of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, where she recently developed a fifteen-year, $180 master plan. She has previous worked for the Cities of Santa Cruz, San Bruno and San Jose in various capacities including water, police, finance, redevelopment, parks, the manager’s office and the mayor’s office. She also worked for California State Senator Byron Sher. Her favorite and most challenging projects have been developing a complete capital improvement program in an interim capacity, a study of recreation activities at a city reservoir, the Tour of California bicycle race, and acting as a police public information officer.

Lydia has a Master’s in Public Administration from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Stanford University, as well as certifications in utility management and water distribution. She is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and enjoys knitting, hiking, baking and playing with her rambunctious labrador. Her ultimate goal is to become a range rider for utility districts, solving problems and providing interim assistance.

How to Develop a Strong and Productive Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Two people climbing mountain ridge, one assisting another over the top ridge.

A mentor/mentee relationship can be immensely rewarding for both people. But how do you get to know each other, build trust, have productive meetings, and continue to have a beneficial, ongoing connection? Jennifer and Lydia met through MMANC’s Credentialed Government Leader program, where Jennifer was Lydia’s mentor. Together they created tips for mentors/ mentees to […]

Exploring the Remote Work Model Has Amazing Possibilities

Exploring the Remote Work Model Has Amazing Possibilities From my perspective, remote work is still a relatively new model in local government but, the concept is one with great possibilities both for permanent and temporary jobs. When I was with the City of Santa Cruz, I participated in the telework pilot in 2013-14, working at […]

How the Credentialed Government Leader (CGL) Program Can Advance Your Career

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Networking for Introverts

I’m an introvert. Having just been awarded an ICMA-RC scholarship to the upcoming ICMA conference through MMANC’s Credentialed Government Leader program, I am both thrilled and terrified. In September, I’ll be headed to Seattle for five days of workshops and networking. Networking – yikes. Now, I know I’m not alone. According to Susan Cain in […]