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We are a collection of diverse voices from a diverse region.  Our contributors are local government managers, policymakers, planners, economic developers, engineers, attorneys, librarians, finance managers, public safety professionals, elected officials, professors and consultants.  We write about a wide variety of topics facing local government professionals:  leadership, management, career development, policy, public safety, public works, economic development, community development, community services and more.  We come from a diverse geographic region, from the Redwood Coast and Gold Country to the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley.  We all believe in the value of local governments.  If you are interested in serving as a regular contributor, contact us.

We clearly distinguish fact from opinion.  Our content includes third-person reporting as well as first-person perspectives.  All first-person perspectives are clearly stated as such and do not necessarily reflect the views of MunicipalMagazine.com, but they do reflect the authentic thoughts and views of the author.

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Our contributors are from diverse communities throughout Northern California.


MMANC Board of Directors


Frank Benest, City of Palo Alto (Ret.)
Monica Davis, City of Hayward
Jessica Deakyne, City of Novato
Brian Edwards, Alameda County Library
Ed Everett, Next door.com/City of Redwood City (Ret.)
Angela Frost, City of Lincoln
Liz Licursi, City of Santa Rosa
Justin Lovell, City of South San Francisco
Marissa King, County of San Mateo
Melissa Kuehne, Institute for Local Government
Lydia Rossiter, Santa Clara Valley Water District
Rick Scott, City of San Jose
Toni Taber, City of San Jose
Marcus Tucker, City of Merced
Colleen Valles, City of San Jose