COVID Case Studies: Community & Business Support Ideas


The silver-lining of the Covid-19 Pandemic is that it has provided government professionals the ability to be nimble and innovative in our approach to delivering services. Beyond the day-to-day programs and services that our communities expect and rely on, a snapshot of our respective responses to our communities’ needs has showcased how in crisis, or in reaction to a call for action, local government professionals are responding!

Our July 1, 2020 “Webinar Wednesday: COVID Case Studies: Community & Business Support Ideas” showcased how the City of Novato was able to launch and manage a small business grant program in a matter of a couple months and with much success. A recap and summary of the presentation offered the following lessons learned:

  • Embrace a “Pilot Program” Culture
  • Copy & Paste – Do your Research
  • Set up your Process for Success
  • Create Clear and Concise Materials
  • Make it Easy for Council to Approve it
  • Develop a Strong Grant Team
  • Let Others Fundraise on your behalf
  • Say “Thank You” A Lot
  • Never Underestimate your Community

The webinar paired well with a presentation by the City of Hayward detailing a Pop-Up Food Distribution program where existing partnerships were leveraged to “right-size” the heighted need for emergency food access during the pandemic. Hayward’s efforts were further exemplified by their intentional focus on racial equity tools for use in policy, practice, program, and budget decisions as they strive to provide services to one of the most diverse cities in the United States. To learn more, click here to view the presentation decks.


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