Made in the Midwest: An Interview with Erin Steffen


Erin Steffen has been working in local government for several years and considers it a natural fit for her passion for helping others as well as her desire to implement positive change in her community.

She currently serves as an Administrative Analyst for the City of Dublin. While completing her graduate degree in the Midwest, Erin joined MMANC to help demonstrate her love of the Bay Area to potential employers and to demonstrate how serious she was about relocating.

Erin has remained active in MMANC and currently holds the position of Program Director. In her spare time, Erin enjoys working in her garden, spending time with her husband, two dogs, new baby, and traveling (although the new baby is putting a bit of a damper on that last interest).

Join us as Erin shares her story about relocating from the Midwest and the role MMANC has played in enhancing her local government career.


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